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Christmas Parade 2021 Photo Gallery: The pre-parade festivities and setup

The moments before the parade and the anticipation was momentous.

There was a tremendous amount of work that went into the 20th Kerrville Lighted Christmas Parade. Here's our peek behind the scenes, but first a word about The Lead:


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Now onto the photos:


The crew from Kerrville Photo get setup for the night's livestream of the 20th Christmas Parade.

Former Convention and Visitors Bureau head honcho Charlie McIlvain, right, chats with JAM Radio owner Justin McClure during the setup. McClure was serving as master of ceremonies for the night, while McIlvain was the host of the livestream broadcast with Allison Bueche.

Charlie McIlvain is allegedly retired. However, on this night he was front and center at the Christmas Parade.

Aaron Yates was directing the livestream broadcast. He described the broadcast as one of his company's most challenging technical jobs.

Aaron Yates overseeing the setup for the parade broadcast.

Aaron Yates checks the broadcast signal from his trailer.

Charlie McIlvain and Allison Bueche are ready to call the action for the 20th Kerrville Lighted Christmas Parade.

Hill Country Community Journal photographer Brandy McCoy can't escape the Kerrville paparazzi.

JAM Radio's Justin McClure goes over his final notes before serving as master of ceremonies.

The esteemed judging panel, from left, Peterson Health President and CEO Cory Edmondson, Schreiner University President Charlie McCormick, Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Julie Davis. A Mount Rushmore of Kerrville presidents.

Earl Garrett Street — the calm before the storm, or the calm before the city of Kerrville's float.

Pax Coffee and Goods owner Heather McClung brings out a massive haul of gluten-rich treats to sell to the hundreds of onlookers packed into downtown.

Heather McClung's son, Austin, counts back change from the throng of customers buying hot chocolate and treats.

Despite the crush of people, Austin was all smiles.

These babies were ready for the parade.

So was this dog.

Elfish-like Rose Bradshaw checks the progress of the parade down Water Street.

Allison Bueche was all smiles as the parade kicked off.


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