Peterson reports 2 COVID-19 deaths, state reports 1 on Wednesday

The actual death toll remains unclear for Kerr County; it's estimated to be 22 since Aug. 1

When we thought Peterson Regional Medical Center was on the downward side of the latest COVID-19 outbreak, the hospital announced two patients died Wednesday or Thursday. In addition, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced another Kerr County resident died on Wednesday.

Peterson placed Kerr County's death toll at 111, while DSHS placed it at 109. The actual death toll is unclear because of inconsistent reporting. Peterson had a patient who died on Tuesday, but that does not appear in the DSHS numbers.

The Lead believes 22 Kerr County residents have died since Aug. 1. The DSHS count is 14.


Peterson faced another wave of hospitalizations on Friday.

Thirty-two people were hospitalized, including nine in the intensive care unit, at Peterson Regional Medical Center. The number of hospitalized rose by four people on Friday. The nine in ICU has been consistent for the 14-bed unit for much of the last three weeks.

Peterson has cared for 20 or more patients for more than 40 days.

Across Texas, the number of people hospitalized continued to fall. On Friday, Texas reported 12,475 people hospitalized — the ninth consecutive of declines. However, 3,700 people remain in ICU care. More than 70% of those patients are on ventilators. The number of pediatric patients fell to 263 people.

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