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A guide to just some of today's Super Bowl commercials

It's a tradition like no other.

The Zeus and Hera commercial from BMW is electric.

Can Alexa read your mind?

GM's climate change commercial is also electric

Doritos is pushing it

Robotic party animals courtesy of Samuel Adams and Boston Dynamics

McConaughey being McConaughey with Salesforce's help

Schitt's Creek hijacks a Nissan

Budweiser's tale of its mighty Clydesdales

Michelob Ultra brings you celebrity bowling

The Robo Dog from Kia

A glamorous way to shop courtesy of Rakuten

Another electric car pitch

Things you don't want to eat from Uber Eats

Willie Nelson pitching legalizing Skechers

The Founding Father's pitching a workflow application

Taco Bell's a clown show

Lay's commercial with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen

Bud Light's pitch on hard seltzer with Guy Fieri

A song and dance number to sell your car

Another work flow management application but this one is a GONG

Idris Elba and


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