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A troubling email lands in the inbox of the City Council, and Kerrville Police are investigating

A Kerrville man sent a letter wishing for the death of the Kerrville City Council, except for City Councilmember Roman Garcia.

The Kerrville Police Department said they are investigating an email sent to at least two members of the Kerrville City Council that wished someone would come in and shoot up a meeting.

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The letter, authored by Robert Hurt, who has sent other letters to the Council about the controversy surrounding books at the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library, features a passage about wishing someone with an AK-47 rifle would take care of the City Council, except Councilmember Roman Garcia.

“I could care less if someone shows up at a Council meeting with an AK-47 or equivalent,” Hurt wrote. “And could care less about the possibility of open caskets.

Threatening letter that two members of the Kerrville City Council received.

“I’m going to avoid much communication with the City Council, and hope God teaches them some lessons.”

Kerrville Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Lamb said the department is reviewing the email Hurt sent to at least 90 people involved with Kerr County patriot groups.

“We are currently reviewing the matter to determine if a criminal offense has taken place,” Lamb wrote in a text message.

Hurt is no stranger to writing letters to the City Council, but this was his most candid assessment. It’s the latest in a war of words over a banned book display at the library in September.

On Monday, we wrote about Kerrville Pets Alive’s challenges in facilitating adoptions at the Kerr County Animal Services. They are raising concerns about another animal-related problem — puppies for sale on the roadside.


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