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COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise across Texas

The state could top more than 13,000 hospitalized by the end of the week.

Texas hospitalizations rose to more than 11,000 on Monday, but the trends point toward more than 13,000 hospitalized by the end of the week. Hospitalizations are growing by 5% or more daily.

While Peterson Health didn't report its numbers on Tuesday — relying on a three-day reporting schedule — the San Antonio region faces a shortage of intensive care unit beds, which includes Kerr County. There are 51 ICU beds remaining in the region. Peterson had seven patients in ICU — half of its capacity.

On Tuesday, the Kerrville Independent School District said 127 students and staff tested positive for the virus, including 33 at Tivy High School. Tom Daniels Elementary recorded 22 cases. The differentiation between staff and students is unclear. Before Jan. 1, KISD had 371 cases during the delta variant surge — 62 staff, 309 students.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported more than 56,000 cases on Tuesday, but the count is probably far higher. DSHS is frequently behind in its reporting. On Jan. 3, DSHS acknowledged 61,000 people tested positive through molecular tests, and another 11,000 were probable positives based on antigen results.

The positivity seems to be hanging around at 36% or higher for molecular tests. Those using antigen testing are coming back 21% positive.

DSHS estimates that there are 323 active cases in Kerr County, but Peterson's number suggests a count closer to 400 — or more.


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