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Forging Connections, The Lead's focus on nonprofits set for Aug. 22-26

It's a week of discussing those who make a difference in our communities.

Starting Monday morning, The Lead Live is hosting a week of discussions with nonprofit groups that serve our community. With the support of The Community Foundation of The Texas Hill Country, we are interviewing 35 nonprofit groups next week.

Each nonprofit has 20 minutes to share its story and efforts here in Kerr County. We are looking forward to how you can help make this week even more incredible.

Through Facebook's Stars program, The Lead encourages viewers to donate to their favorite nonprofit during the show. Each star is worth one cent, but it adds up and every penny helps. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click next to Write a comment…
  2. Your balance of Stars will be displayed on the top right.
  3. Select the amount of stars you want to send or type in a custom amount.
  4. Click Send to send your Stars.

Your Stars and comment will be displayed to the creator and anyone viewing that content.

If you don't see a next to Write a Comment…, that creator may not have Stars enabled yet.

To send Stars from your News Feed:

After seeing a creator’s content on your News Feed, you may see a pop-up. This feature gives you the ability to buy and send Stars and leave a comment for the content creator.

  1. Click on the content in your News Feed.
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Next week's schedule of programming is:


8:10 — Community Foundation of The Texas Hill Country

8:40 — Glory Community Garden

9:10 — Families and Literacy

9:40 — MHDD

10:10 — CASA

10:40 — Sisters in Service

11:10 — Texas Heritage Music Foundation


8:10 — Light on the Hill

8:40 — Special Opportunity Center

9:10 — Arcadia Live

9:40 — Raphael Clinic

10:10 — Kerr Konnect

10:40 — Yoga for Veterans

11:10 — Texas Veterans Commission


8:10 — Big Brothers, Big Sisters

8:40 — Together with Hill Country Veterans

9:10 — Kerrville Pets Alive

9:40 — Doyle School Community Center

10:10 — BCFS Health and Human Services

10:40 — Community Foundation of The Texas Hill Country

11:10 — American Red Cross

11:40 — The Hill Country Youth Orchestra


8:10 — Kerr County Sheriff's Foundation

8:40 — Rotary Club of Kerrville

9:10 — Kerr Arts and Cultural Center

9:40 — Parenting Resource Center

10:10 — Dietert Center

10:40 — Animal Welfare Society of Kerr County/Freeman Fritts Shelter

11:10 — The Kerrville Lion's Club


8:10 — YMCA

8:40 — Hill Country Arts Foundation

9:10 — Native Plant Society

9:40 — Riverside Nature Center

10:10 — Hill Country Youth Ranch

10:40 — The Big Fix

And in the next four months, we will finish out 2022 with the following event programming:

Small Business Development and Leadership Week

Presented by Kerr Economic Development Corp.

September 12-16

We provide a vehicle for small businesses to reach The Lead's expanding audience profile. With 15-minute segments available, small business owners can tell their entrepreneurial journey and how they want to serve their customers and clients. As part of the series, we will interview business leaders about their leadership influences and style. The leadership conversations will be The Lead's first-ever prime-time offering at 7 p.m. each night that week.

Individual business positions are $50. Each business will have branding inside the webcast and receive the entire segment after the show. All participating businesses will be featured in post-appearance posts on The Lead's social media and newsletter.

Buy your spot today:

Supporting sponsor $450

  • Branding in all communications, 1 15-or-30 second video spots once per hour.

Be Our Guest Week

Presented by The Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau

October 17-21

Kerrville and Kerr County are a destination for tourists wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. But who are the people behind the scenes making it happen? The restaurant owners, the hoteliers, the short-term rental operators and the caterers? It's an essential part of the Kerr County economy.

Buy your spot today:

Supporting sponsor $450

Branding in all communications, 1 15-or-30 second video spots at 1 break per hour

Focus on Veterans Week

Presented by TBD

November 7-11

On the week of Veterans Day, we want to chat with our servicemembers to find out why they served, returned to civilian life and what it means to be a veteran. We will also feature those critically vital service groups dedicated to helping those veterans who need it most.

Presenting sponsor $800

  • Branding in all communications, interviews during the shows, 15-or-30 second video spots at one break per hour.

Supporting sponsor $450

  • Branding in all communications, 1 15-or-30 second video spots at every break.

The Lead's 2022 Christmas Lights Tour

Presented by KPUB

Dec. 1-12

In 2021, The Lead photographed 200 Kerr County residences with great Christmas Lights, and we're ready to travel the roads again in 2022 to highlight those displays. Last year, more than 14,000 people visited our holiday map to find the best lights! However, we have the elves packing up the awards and goodies this year. Who's in?

Supporting sponsors $450

  • Logos on awards. Coupon on the door hanger.

Sugar Cookie sponsors $175

  • You help us buy sugar cookies for our award-winning houses.

Candy Cane sponsors $125

  • You help us buy candy cane for our award-winning houses.

Hot chocolate sponsor $100

  • Please help us provide hot chocolate for our award-winners

Category award sponsors $75

Best use of the Grinch

Best use of Santa Claus

Best use of the Bumble

Best use of the Nativity

Best use of Color

Best use of White Light

Best use of Luminarias

Best use of Music

Best use of Inflatables

Best use of Christmas Tree

(SOLD) The Buzzies Bar-B-Que Most unusual decoration


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