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Fred Henneke: Time for Commissioner Paces to put up, or shut up

In a commentary, former Kerr County Judge Fred Henneke pushes back against Commissioner Rich Paces’ suggestion two failed county bonds featured wasteful wants.

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”

That is a direct quote from remarks by Commissioner Rich Paces after the committee presented its final report to the Commissioners Court and was subsequently dissolved. After the report was presented, each of the commissioners were given the opportunity to comment. Three congratulated the committee for three long years of service and outstanding service to Kerr County. Despite the fact that the bond issue, including the projects to be funded and the amount, were unanimously approved six times by the Commissioners Court, Paces chose to insinuate that the committee had engaged in wasteful spending on “wants, not needs.”

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The final report lists the projects that were not funded but still remain as needs. Many of these projects were identified by Paces as worthy of addressing. The final report challenges him to begin “implementing your ideas,” which necessarily includes funding.


I live in Precinct 2 and am a constituent of Commissioner Paces. I was appointed to the committee by then Precinct 2 Commissioner Tom Moser. I will be following with great interest Commissioner Paces’ efforts to fund and complete the issues on his list as well as the other needs in the final report. It is time to put up or shut up.

Fred Henneke, Kerrville

Editor’s note: Fred Henneke is a former Kerr County Judge and who was a member of Kerr County’s capital improvement committee.

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