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Our first-ever Kerr County Christmas Lights Tour awards

We had a great time visiting all of the lights around Kerrville, Ingram and Center Point. We photographed 200 homes, some of you sent some in for our map, and now we name the Best of Tour!

Welcome to our first-ever awards from our Christmas Lights Tour of Kerr County. We had so much fun checking out the houses, seeing the lights and some of the creative ways homes were decorated. We covered many miles in our 12 nights of journeying around Kerr County, and we probably missed many. However, here are our awards — some of them voted on by our readers — for the best of the Christmas Lights 2021. Here's a link to the Christmas Lights Tour 2021

Best use of white light | Reader voted

We got the lowdown on this house, which is in River Hill. They had to use heavy equipment to get high enough to drape the tree with lights. The joy was added later. Great effort. A fan favorite.

Best use of color | Reader voted

This home will wow you in so many ways and was one of our most-viewed pieces of content over the last month. We're candid when we say the photo doesn't do it justice.

Best use of The Nativity | Reader voted

We had about 20 entries in this category. I think this one worked, at least for the readers who voted, because of the way the Nativity is nested and lit. It's very dramatic and it seems very reverent. A good reminder of the reason for the season.

Best use of the Grinch | Reader voted

This was a clear favorite in our book and the readers agreed. The Grinch is fun no matter, but these homeowners took it to another level.

Best use of the Bumble

Bumble's bounce — or the saying goes. In a year when there were weird Christmas dragons, or unicorns or Minions, it's always refreshing to see a giant inflatable Abominable Snowman dominate a house. Drawn from the classic Christmas stop-motion TV show "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," the Bumble turned out to not be so terrifying after all. However, whoever decided to sell a small version of "The Bumble" should be fired, because he's big and bad. We can't tell if the small version looks more like Cartman from South Park or the Bumble.

Best use of Baby Yoda

We know his name is not Baby Yoda. However, we are fond of the creature, who is now one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe.

Best use of Santa Claus

If there's one decoration that always captures our attention, it's always a yard-sized Santa Claus display. This house at 1700 Susan captures our imagination with a well-placed display that is certainly joyful.

Best use of a unique decoration

When it comes to creativity, this home on Palo Verde Street used lighted bird houses to really make their yard pop. It's a very cool display and one of the most uniquely decorated homes on our tour.

Our honorable mentions in the GRAND CHAMPIONS category

If you're not speeding along Junction Highway near Ingram, or in Ingram, you can see this home aglow from the highway. This photo doesn't really give it justice but it's worth a moment to stop an appreciate all of the color. It also leads into neighborhoods that really care about Christmas decorations done right.

Honorable Mention

We heard this may be a home of a former Daily Times publisher. Despite that, we think this is a marvelous decoration in the River Hill neighborhoods. The home is lit almost entirely around the perimeter and is quite the sight from Medina Highway. Well done.

Honorable Mention

When it comes to storybook-type Christmas homes this one fits the bill. Not a lot of lights, but it's classic in Center Point.

Honorable Mention

This River Hill home is one of the few we found that is synched to Christmas music. It loud and bright but you'll enjoy the music and the show.

Honorable Mention

This home uses a nice mix of red and white to celebrate the season.

Honorable Mention

When it comes to adorning a home with lots of white light, this home on the Summit is a marvel of hard work. They covered a lot of ground with this display and wrapped plenty of trees.

Honorable Mention

This is not the biggest home or yard, but these folks packed a lot of stuff and light into a small place. It's a true delight to see.

Honorable Mention

We understand these folks also put on a grand Halloween display, but it's a special Christmas touch of color and displays that really caught our attention. Once again, this is one to see in person because the photo doesn't do it justice.


Fifth place

Out in the Greenwood Forest area of Kerrville and Ingram, this home is toward the western end of Sherwood. We couldn't get wide enough to capture everything that is going on in this yard, but we encourage you to see it for yourself.

Fourth Place

Just a classic look and feel with so many nice features. We love the color and Santa Claus on the roof.

Third Place

The amount of light coming off this house in this photo doesn't tell the true story of this house's magnificent display of light and color. It's located in River Hill and we recommend stopping by.

Second Place

At the end of Skyview in Ingram, you will find this marvelous gem with a ton going on within the yard. We'd probably need 20 photos to accurately show what's going on here, but the point of this exercise is to encourage you to go out and see these for yourself. So, get out there and see this home.


This was an easy choice. These folks wrapped their entire home with brown paper to make it look like a gingerbread house. It's awesome and you have to see it to truly appreciate all of the details in this home.


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