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When it comes to music, Symphony of the Hills is ready to deliver Saturday night

Symphony of the Hills works with Dave Alexander’s Western Swing for a night of Pops to remember at the Cailloux Theater in Kerrville.

Symphony of the Hills Conductor Gene Dowdy is prepared to enjoy Saturday night’s performance, he’s not sitting it out, but he’s turning some of the reins over to four-time Grammy nominee and Western Swing purveyor Dave Alexander at the Caillloux Theater. 

The show is all Symphony, but it will feature Alexander’s homage to the great Western Swing performers, including Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. It’s a big-band sound with roots that are all in Texas. 

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“I mean, this is going to be a Western Swing Band full out on center stage and Western Swing, just to remind everybody — it’s like country music meeting, you know Count Basie. It’s a big band. They have a trumpet. They’ve got steel guitars.” 


There may be some dancing in the usually reserved and staid Cailloux Theater aisles. It will be that kind of performance. 

“So, it’s song after song, title after title of just, you know, these big-time hits,” Dowdy said. “You know, the audience is going to get involved. Because they’re going to do things like, you know, deep in the hall of Texas. So, you know, the audience can be involved.” 

And for those who appreciate Western Swing, roll back to some of the old standard songs — like Patsy Cline’s defining hit, “Crazy,” written by Willie Nelson. 

“‘Crazy’ is a great example of a tune that’s complex harmonically, rhythmically, that’s the kind of music that that Western Swing just brings to life,” Dowdy said. 

The good news is that tickets are still available for the 7:30 p.m. Saturday concert. The Lead also has two tickets to giveaway. If you’re interested, just email me at with “I want to go to the Symphony” in the subject line. We’ll draw the winners at 9:45 a.m. on The Lead Live. 


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