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An early look at some of our favorite Christmas Lights around Kerrville

In our way-to-early rankings of our favorite houses around town.

OK, as many of you know, we're rolling around Kerrville in search of some of the best Christmas lights in town. Our basic criteria are: difficulty, narrative, wow factor, Baby Yoda, whimsy and Santa Claus on the roof. A strong nativity scene also generates a wow factor and a reminder about the importance of the season. If you want to explore these for yourself, check out our map:

So, here's a look at our first 10 favorites from our journey:

This house is at the end of Carol Ann Drive in Kerrville and the Christmas dinosaur is clever, because this house seems like it's carved from rock. Great use of lights.

This house along Bluebell in Kerrville gets our vote for its lights, strong use of inflatables and the weird Stormtrooper trying to kidnap Baby Yoda thing.

The whole Oak Hollow area got into the spirit of the season, but this home exemplifies and elegant display with a good use of lights.

It's the power of the narrative here — the Grinch stealing stuff. While that's probably not a good idea in Texas, the display is one of the most clever we've seen in our early survey.

This home is one of the few to use music in its light display and it's a flashing delight — or may cause a seizure (so be careful).

If we're handing out awards right now, this one might be No. 1 because it checks off so many boxes. First off, the whole house is wrapped like it's a gingerbread house and there's also Santa on the roof. Strong overall effort.

It's our understanding that this might be the Worldwide Headquarters of the Rescue Aid Society or Kerrville Pets Alive. The amount of time required to drape those lights on the tree are hard to fathom — or measure in pounds of dog and cat food. Good job.

Wheless has has some strong examples but this little gem is one of the cleanest Christmas designs we've seen. The white picket fence is smartly decorated. We may have to return to photograph this home once more. It's a storybook.

Up on the Summit, there weren't that many homes decorated but this was by far the strongest entry. Numerous boxes checked here, including a big lighted tree, Nativity scene, lights of all colors and just a great feel to the whole property. Great work.

Another strong Oak Hollow entry. Great use of lights. We're aware this is Texas and that camo and Crocs are thing, but we don't think Santa wears camo. However, it's an amazing display and a lot of joy in this effort.


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