Louis Amestoy

Growing up in Southern California, Louis Amestoy remained connected to Texas as the birthplace of his father and grandfather. Texas was always a presence in the family’s life. Amestoy’s great-grandparents settled in San Antonio, Texas, drawn by the city’s connections to Mexico and the region’s German communities. In 2019, Louis Amestoy saw an opportunity to make a home in Texas. After 30 years of working for corporate media chains, Louis Amestoy saw a chance to establish an independent voice in the Texas Hill Country. He launched The Lead to be that vehicle. With investment from Meta, Amestoy began independently publishing on Aug. 9, 2021. The Amestoys have called Kerrville home since 2019.

Louis's Latest Articles

The Lead Live Podcast: May 25, 2023

Gibson’s Discount Center General Manager Doug Hetzler provides the latest cool things at the landmark Kerrville store. What will he bring? Well, that’s always the surprise when he shows up with something from the store.

The Lead Live Podcast: May 23, 2023

Today’s show has plenty of things to consider driving conversations in Kerr County — weather, childcare and quilting. We’ve got Kerr Economic Development Corp. Katie Milton Jordan on today to discuss the childcare crisis in Kerr County — a nationwide issue as well.

The Lead Live Podcast: May 19, 2023

The Kerrville Folk Festival is making significant transitions in 2023, and retiring Executive Director Mary Muse joins us to discuss those changes. Joining Muse will be incoming Executive Director Deb Rouse, who we hear if we’ve purchased our 2023 Folk Festival tickets.

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