Kerrville artist continually tests her comfort, style in pursuit of color

Kerrville artist teacher Tish Miller tackles new ways to express her vision with water color and collages.

Tish Miller is making an artistic transition, testing her comfort with new techniques and mediums. The Kerrville native, who teaches art for the Kerrville Independent School District, is the first to admit she’s honing her skills in an unforgiving painting style — watercolor. 

Miller showed off her latest works on Saturday during a “meet the artist” event at Kerrville Hills Winery. 

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As a native of the Hill Country, Miller’s features influences from the wildlife and landscape of the region. There’s also a strong New Mexican flavor and tributes to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. 


“I started trying watercolor, and it’s not as forgiving,” Miller said. “Especially how I do it because I like a very wet application. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stuck with it, because I like the challenge.” 

The challenge seems to have paid off, with a range of pieces — both large format down to postcard size. Miller’s latest technique is applying watercolor elements onto boards to create a layered effect. 

“I’ve been switching from just working on paper to doing collages, and I’ve been attaching these collages now to wood panels because what I don’t love about watercolor is that it has to be framed,” Miller said. 

Miller’s love of art dates to middle school, but her practice has only recently flourished. As she explains it, school, raising three kids and the early part of her husband’s career, which took them East, slowed her processes, but now she’s producing works on a regular basis. 

And her biggest challenge sometimes comes down to pricing her work. As an advocate of attainable art, Miller prices work that anyone can afford, but if she’s unwilling to part with a piece? 

“I really want them to want it,” Miller said of her favorite pieces and the pricing. 

If you want a good look at those works, stop by Kerrville Hills Winery to see Miller’s pieces. 

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