COVID-19 numbers don't take time off for Labor Day Weekend

Saturday's Texas DSHS report showed one of the largest number of new cases for a weekend in weeks.

The coronavirus norm has been for the weekends to light when it comes to reports of new infections — Labor Day Weekend may prove otherwise.

On Sunday, more than 7,000 new and probable cases were reported across the state by the Department of State Health Services, and the number of hospitalizations held steady at more than 13,700.

However, the more alarming number is that number of children hospitalized continued to rise across the state. On Saturday, more than 300 children were hospitalized with COVID-19, including 23 in the San Antonio region of DSHS. Texas may be the national leader in pediatric cases. The American Academy of Pediatrics pointed out that the state doesn't do a good job keeping track of that data. Texas does lead the nation in pediatric COVID-19 deaths with 59.


In Kerr County, DSHS said there were still 174 active cases — nobody seems to know the real number. Kerrville Independent School District, the leader in infection, had more than 132 cases last week. Peterson reported more than 100. So, 174 to 250 could be the correct number.

Texas hospitals have endured 15 consecutive days of 13,000 or more patients since Aug. 21. Texas hospitals experienced 19 consecutive days with 13,000 or more patients during the height of the December and January outbreaks.

Since Aug. 6, COVID-19 has killed more than 3,900 Texans.

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