Gipson takes Pct. 2 seat on Kerr County Court, Moser recognized for his service

It's a changing of the guard for the Kerr County Commissioners Court

Making it clear here's only interesting in serving out the rest of Tom Moser's unexpired term, Beck Gipson took over Monday afternoon as the new Kerr County Precinct 2 commissioner.

Gipson, a long-time real estate broker and appraiser, was selected by Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly to replace Moser, who resigned last month after announcing he was moving out of Pct. 2.

Gipson was sworn in as the new commissioner by Kelly.


Kelly reiterated Monday that Gipson's credentials in real estate were a critical reason for his selection. Earlier in Monday's meeting, the commissioners tackled two real estate-related projects for Pct. 2, and that's just the beginning of an expected rush to develop Center Point, Camp Verde and other parts of eastern Kerr County.

"I don't come here with all that much agenda," Gipson said. "I may have skills that can help them. I wanted to make sure that our county judge had the ability to appoint someone who was not going to run."

That means Gipson has no intention of seeking an election when the Pct. 2 seat comes before voters next year. Kelly made that one of his main criteria before making a selection to appoint a replacement.

Kelly's thinking, which Gipson supported, is whoever holds the office would have the advantage as the incumbent heading into 2022. There are at least five people who signaled they're going to run for the seat.

Gipson, however, said he's ready to get to work.

"I'm community-minded and there's a need here," Gipson said. "I have some experience that can be used here."

Kelly said his 40-year working relationship, which began on opposites of a court case, was one of the factors he made in choosing Gipson.

One thing that Gipson said is clear is that Pct. 2 is in the target of developers.

"It's the closest to San Antonio," Gipson said with a laugh. "It's the most logical place (for development)."

Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly, left, new Pct. 2 Commissioner Beck Gibson, along with Gibson's daughter, take a moment to celebrate Gibson's appointment to the Kerr County Commissioner's Court on Aug. 23, 2021.

Earlier this year, a significant single-family home development was presented to Center Point, embroiling the community in controversy. A 103-home development near Camp Verde and a 99-unit mobile home park near Ingram came before the commissioners for preliminary approvals. The 103-home project is located in Pct. 2 and will eventually expand to a 176 by its second and final phase.

Commissioners gave both projects preliminary approvals after meeting water and drainage needs. However, the challenge for the county is there are no zoning ordinances — only subdivision and water rules. So, development could come quickly, especially in the relative flatlands of eastern Kerr County.

Kerr County Pct. 2 Commissioner Tom Moser on his final day in office.

Before Gipson took his seat on the dais, Moser said he was proud of the work done in Pct. 2, including last year's change to precinct's ancient alcoholic beverage prohibitions.

Moser said there was still plenty of work to be done when it comes to serving Pct. 2. His colleagues on the court praised his work ethic and dedication. Pct. 1 Commissioner Harley Belew even poked fun at Moser.

"Sitting next to his guy and hearing his comments under his breath have been really entertaining," said Belew, drawing a hearty laugh from the audience.

Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha, right, reads a plaque from Sheriff's Office honoring Tom Moser for his work on the Kerr County Commissioner's Court.

(Editor's note: This story corrects the location of the proposed 99-unit mobile home park to Ingram, along Texas 27.)

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