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Holiday events are coming quick, The Lead wants to see lights and treats!

We're sponsoring two contests — one in search of the best Christmas lights and the best holiday treat.

As we make our way toward the end of the year, The Lead is readying for three special events that you can be a part of — and we view these as important for our community.

Salute to our Heroes Week

Nov. 7-11

With support from Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Schreiner University, the Museum of Western Art, Pint and Plow and MHDD, we are lining up a vital week of programming on The Lead Live that centers around veterans interviewing veterans. The shows are from 9-10 a.m. Monday-Friday. Our first day of programming focuses on connecting veterans to the array of services in our community. Some of these may be familiar, but there are plenty of benefits you may have never heard of — like Yoga for Veterans. We're also looking for veterans to share their experiences with other veterans. Or if you're interested in being an interviewer, we're also considering those spots. All that we ask is that you're a veteran. Please email for more information.

The Second Annual Christmas Lights Tour

Dec. 1-12

Last year, we photographed 200 homes with some of the best Christmas Lights in Kerr County. This year we're doing it as a tour, and there may be some prizes along the way. KPUB sponsors this year's tour, and other sponsorship opportunities are available. However, if you want your house included in the tour please RSVP here:


We will be photographing homes from Dec. 1 through Dec. 12. Some of our award-winning categories will be best overall, best use of the Bumble, and best use of color. More to come on that front.

The great Holiday treat contest

Dec. 15

We've discovered we've got some great home bakers here in Kerr County, and nothing says Christmas like cookies, candy and other treats. So, we're challenging our home bakers and candy makers to enter our first-ever contest. There will be a $25 entry fee, but all that we ask is that you RSVP first. This event will be streamed live on Dec. 15 at Pint and Plow.

Please RSVP here:


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