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Coming Oct. 17, Be Our Guest on The Lead Live!

Are you looking for some exposure? We've got a plan for you!

September proved one thing about Kerr County — we are a tourism destination. With major events, including the Kerrville Triathlon Festival, thousands of people want to visit the Hill Country and Kerr County.

To better highlight some of the stories and offerings we have here in Kerr County, we're putting together a week of food, beverages and fun thanks to the Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Museum of Western Art and Pint and Plow Brewing Co. It starts Oct. 17 and runs through Oct. 21. And if you're a Kerr County purveyor, and we'll include Comfort in that mix, we're inviting you to share with us some of your finest offerings thanks to the generous presenting sponsorship of the Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Think of this as a virtual taste test.

That's right, it will all be streamed on The Lead Live! starting at 9 a.m. each day, and we'll go until we've had everyone on the show.

So, here's the plan:

We start our show on Monday with a discussion about the future of tourism in Kerr County. We'll have Kerrville Convention and Visitor Bureau President and CEO Julie Davis will lead a panel conversation about that topic.

  • Beer, Wine and Spirits: On Tuesday, we're bringing together wine and spirit makers and brewers to bring some of their best offerings while discussing the future of the craft here in Kerr County and the Hill Country. Want to participate? Just fill out the form and we'll have you join the show:
  • Delectable Desserts: On Wednesday, who has the best desserts in the area? We're inviting all dessert makers to bring their creations to the show. We'll also have a panel of celebrity judges to decide best cake, best cookie and best pie! Extra points for gluten-free options. It's free to enter, but each person must present their desserts on camera. We'll hand out awards at the end of the show! Register here:
  • Signature Dishes: We're challenging our restaurants and eateries on Thursday to bring us their signature dish! That's right, one defining dish you think is the best in Kerr County. It's free to enter, but you've got to present it on the show! Finally, we'll have another panel of judges who will decide best presentation, the best overall and the most savory! Register here:
  • Charcuterie Challenge: To wrap up the week, we all love to graze on the charcuterie boards, but the challenge here is to knock the socks off our celebrity panel with a presentation, unique offerings and overall deliciousness! Are you ready to join us? Register here:

Got a question? Email Louis Amestoy at


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